Royal British Legion 100 Year Celebration Wreath

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This celebratory wreath is a crochet project that works up so quickly. You’ll be literally hooked! It is made up of 5 separate sections: the wreath cover, the letters, poppies, numbers and the hanging strip.


  • I started by making the wreath cover. Chaining enough to reach around the wreath. From there DC across in colour one. Turn and chain one. Crochet in rows for 10 and then change to colour 2 and continue to alternate in rows of 10. Keep measuring around your wreath until it reaches all the way around. I ended up with 4 sections of red; 4 of white and 4 of blue. Using the sewing needle hold your piece around your polystyrene wreath and sew the pieces together keeping the seam in the back inner circle
  • Next I created the lettering – this bit was fun! I went back to my youth using a wooden knitting nancy and my hook. I drew out, on A4 paper, the lettering so this was a guide to measure how long to make this tube of yarn. Once I reached the length I needed, I inserted the wire and used the lettering guide to shape my lettering. I then sewed this onto my wreath. Step two done!
  • Poppies were my next step and there are lots of lovely patterns out there to use depending how you want them to look. I chose one with two layers and created two of them for my wreath.
    The hanging strip worked the same way as the wreath cover; I chained 10 and DC across, changing every 10 rows. I finished by crocheting around the piece in navy, threading this through the top of the wreath and joining the ends to finish

Lots of ways to get creative with wreaths! I made children’s door wreaths using the same base and wreath wrap method to start.


  • 4mm hook
  • Knitting nancy
  • Sewing needle
  • Wire (for letter shaping)
  • Polystyrene half wreath
  • DK red yarn
  • DK blue yarn
  • DK navy blue yarn
  • DK white yarn
  • BK black yarn
Royal British Legion 100 Year Celebration Wreath

Children's 'woodland creatures' themed wreath

Children's 'seaside' themed wreath

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