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This little amigurumi creation was really fun and quick to make. It is made up of six parts: head, body, two arms, two ears and the coat. The only stitches needed are double crochet, with increase and decreases and treble and double treble crochet stitches for the coat.

I began creating this little guy from pictures I was seeing everywhere. I didn’t use a pattern, instead building him using the basic shapes I’d been working with to create other crochet animals. The head, I knew, needed to be more oval shaped and not circular and so played around with where to increase and decrease to achieve this.

The ears were the most fun to create as they are an iconic part of this inspired baby Yoda image.

The coat was created more by testing and shaping as I went along. Worked in rows, I kept measuring against his body. Because he is broader at the bottom, I knew I needed to make this section much wider and this is where the double treble stitches came in handy!

Following a few tries, I finally managed to create my first written pattern for this little amigurumi, which felt like a huge achievement!


  • DK green yarn
  • DK brown mix yarn
  • 2 safety eyes
  • Yarn needle
  • Toy stuffing
Baby Yoda inspired amigurumi
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